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Music Samples
My new album Before Sunrise will be released in this winter and full music samples will be available on this page with some free downloads that didn't make the album. I've so much material so I've taking some prerecorded tracks from this last year and am planning on recording and releasing a 2nd new album the following late spring. Please stay tuned for more details to come soon.

Lift the Wings  performed by Chris Waltz

Come by the Hills - Traditional Irish performed by Chris Waltz

A Moorish Dream/The Butterfly Jig - by Chris Waltz/Traditional Irish

Quantes Sabedes Amar Amigo by Chris Waltz

Shi Beag Shi Mhor - Traditional Irish

Before Sunrise by Chris Waltz

The Maiden's Dance/A May Saunter by Chris Waltz

A Mystic's Prayer by Chris Waltz sung in Irish/Gaelic

Nonesuch - Traditional English

Einini - Traditional Irish - performed by Chris Waltz in Irish/Gaelic

Lady Charlotte's Dance / The Shuffling Feet of Droghada by Chris Waltz

Hu Ta Jei Maija Du by Chris Waltz sung in an invented language inspired by Cirque du Soleil

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